IMG_5778_2b cut outMy name is Loura. The “o” is not a typo but it does involve a long story which I may tell someday, but not right here. My name is pronounced “Lora”, not “Laura” (consequently, the “u” is not a typo either). If it helps, just think of me as “Lou-ra”.

Now that’s settled, let me tell you more about myself. I tend to change my mind a lot, but there are at least six things I have remained inordinately fond of since childhood: Reading, dressing up, taking pictures, beading, playing school, and playing with fire. So in essence, I’m still just a big kid. Originally, I wanted to be a marine biologist, but changed my mind when I learned I had to dissect things.

Instead, I was trained in photojournalism at Ohio University, Athens, then went on to earn my Bachelor’s of English from New York Institute of Technology. I have been a photographer and writer for over ten years, and I have been a tutor, a blogger, an editor, a jewelry maker, and a minor actress for the past five years.

Believe it or not, what all these talents have in common is storytelling. Some stories I tell using visual arts like graphic design, jewelry, and photography. Other stories I use the illustrious written word, and still others I feel are best told through the performing arts of singing and acting. Please feel free to explore these sites and contact me with any questions. My name is Loura, and these are all the different ways I like to share stories.


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  1. I’ve been told that growing up is highly overrated although I have no firsthand experience with being a “grup”. We share some storytelling, creating stuff in common although I kept Bio as my academic first love.

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    • Awesome! You are in good company, both my sister and dad are biologists and likewise very creative people.

      Growing up in our culture has been tainted with the fantasy of freedom to do whatever you want without consequences. I believe that is what shocks people when they get into the “real world” and find there are even more responsibilities and consequences for their actions than when they were younger. That and the older you get, the more you tend to struggle with your body beginning to slowly decline. I’m just full of uplifting encouragement today. Sorry to be a downer. ๐Ÿ™‚


      • I had my babies first and then went to college when my youngest started school. I was 45 and, unfortunately, started showing symptoms of a degenerative condition when I was in my junior year so don’t worry about the downer, I can handle it.

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    • I’m following you because you stood up to biblicalgendorroles. I’m a political blogger, and my family is full of men like that, men who belittle women and don’t understand how much God respected women in the bible. I constantly hear from women who reject God because they feel that He saw women as Islam sees women, it’s men like BGR that perpetuate that idea. Thank you for being sane. – Marybeth

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      • “women who reject God because they feel that He saw women as Islam sees women, itโ€™s men like BGR that perpetuate that idea.” This is my fear too. I hear also from ultra-conservative family members who ascribe to oppressive, legalistic so-called Christian (ahem, cult) systems like Patriarchy, the conservative homeschool movement, Quiverfull ideology, revisionist American history, and so on and so forth.

        I am thankful that my parents, sister, uncles, and aunts always encouraged me to ask questions, to use my brain, and to research, research, research. I still fell into the above-named beliefs full-force with stars in my eyes (you can read about that here: and here:, but I am grateful to see clearly now, and to see how instead of bringing people to Christ, these systems drive people away by going far beyond what Jesus ever taught.

        I’m so sorry you have to put up with such ideas from family. It is incredibly hard, and I commend you for fighting the good fight and speaking truth.


        • Exactly. I’m involved in politics, and I constantly come in contact with men who behave in such a way, even some women who treat themselves as items. Our worth has been belittled. But why wouldn’t women feel that way when some members of the church are teaching them to be an item for their husband to use, abuse, and reuse. As I was reading I just kept thinking, “This man sees all women as June Cleaver.”

          Thanks for the links! I’ll check them out!

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    • Lol, thank you. For years I was a moderator on a Christian news site, so I have seen and heard it all. To me what is doubly sad, is that not only are views like BGR’s abusive, no matter how gentle or moderate he/she tries to make them sound, they are also not Scriptural no matter how many (out of context) verses he/she tries to use.


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