Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Mommy’s Lost Her Mind

Baa, Ram, Ewe

I was driving home from a doctor’s appointment with my toddler in tow one sunny winter’s day. The entire week up until this point I had been working with my little two-year-old daughter on naming farm animals and the noises they made. Her favorite seemed to be the sheep (baa!). Taking some back roads, I drove slowly past a little farm which I knew usually had sheep grazing in the yard.

Sure enough, the sheep were there, and I wanted to point them out to my darling little angel in the seat behind me. I decided that a logical, teacherly manner would be the best approach, so I said in a clear, calm voice, “Amy dear, look to your right out the window and you will see a small herd of sheep grazing on grass at that little farm. Do you remember what noise a sheep makes?”

Amy responded, “Baa!”

“That’s right darling!” I encouraged.

At least, that was how I imagined it. What actually happened was this: I yelled, “Look Amy, look!!! Sheep!! Baa! Baa! Sheep!!” while gesticulating (and driving) wildly. Little Amy never turned her head. She didn’t even look up. She couldn’t have cared less.


  1. JanL

    similar to my recent experience while driving 5-year-old to school. In the midst of the snow covered yards, walkways, etc, he commented on the ‘black road’ ahead. I immediately launched into that educational communication technique about black top/asphalt formation & usage at which time he said “no, there’s no snow on the road.”… which led me to realize he was simply commenting on the cleared street.


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