Freelance Writing & Editing


I hold a Bachelor’s of English: Professional Writing from NYIT, and have been a freelance writer and proofreader/editor in Ohio for over 10 years. I’m experienced in creative writing, academic writing, journalism, researched articles, transcription, and proofreading/editing.


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I’m also familiar with copywriting, SEO, photography, and web design.

I have had informative articles published by Demand Studios, advocacy articles published by Voices for Vaccines and Homechooler’s Anonymous, and a religious article published by Spiritual Sounding Board. I have published 5 ebooks to date with Amazon Kindle, including a collaborative effort children’s ABC book.

Between 2011-2015, I was a  volunteer moderator for The Christian Post online, and now dedicate my free time to answering parenting and education questions on the social media platform Quora. Learn more about Loura.


  • I ask for a down payment/deposit “retainer fee” of 50% to be applied toward your final total. This will be emailed to you via a Paypal invoice. You do not need a Paypal account for this.
  • For original and content writing, I charge $0.10/word. My proofreading/editing fee is $0.05/word, and my fee for research varies by project. Please contact me if you have a project that falls into a different category, or have any questions about these charges.
  • I expect full payment within 3 days after I send you my completion of your work. I will send you another Paypal invoice for that, which will also show when I began work, and how long it took.
  • I offer returning customers 10% off their next project.

Types of Work:

  • News Articles (web related)
  • Editing/Proofreading: White papers, articles, academic papers, ebooks, novels, websites, etc.
  • Biography/About Page
  • Magazine Articles
  • Articles for web content, not related to news
  • Online Research and Summaries
  • Audio/Video Transcription
  • Brainstorming for Businesses: Logos, Taglines, Names
  • Analyze/Critique Websites for Readability
  • Book Reviews and Product Reviews
  • Research
  • Other: Just Ask!

*I will do my best to provide you with an accurate estimate of timeline and price before work begins, but cannot guarantee outcomes.

**Please Note: I reserve the right to refuse working on writing or related media that contains plagiarism, hate speech, extreme violence, or for any other reason.

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I do not issue refunds for completed work, however discounts on future projects or other arrangements might be made based on individual circumstances.

Cancellations of service must be made within 12 hours after the initial down-payment is received for a complete refund, otherwise partial to no refunds will be issued based on the amount of work already completed.


“Upon entering my doctorate program I searched for many editors in the true sense of the word. You will find many editors willing to actually write papers for their clients. Loura is NOT one that will write your papers!

Loura edits in a very precise manner. Her services are not for those who just want to turn something in, rather it is for someone who wants to become better. Loura reads each page interactively responding with questions, comments and suggestions. If you are looking for a quality editor, do yourself a favor and choose Loura Lawrence, as it would be the best decision you can make.” ~M.W. Jr.

“As a testament of the wonderful work Loura Lawrence has done for me, I didn’t believe I would have gotten this far. She has been a blessing, easy to work with, very positive and organized. Her vocabulary is excellent and was extremely helpful in my four books, and we are working on number five. Loura is an excellent and energetic editor.” ~M.D.

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